J RODDY 'Same Days' Music Video


J Roddy did not want a typical narrative approach to storytelling in his new video. What he got is a relentless linear journey through strange, then familiar, then outrageous scenarios, and he is stoked. The key here was to create a conversation among the audience. Each character was carefully placed into different scenarios, building layers of meaning and leading the story into new twists that would never be denied or confirmed. It's intentionally vague, but with strong themes that allow a person to find or write the story they want to relate to. It’s hip on the surface, but the subtle, open-ended symbols play off one another to coalesce in surprising ways.



Additionally, I developed this RAD RAD RAD site, www.samedaysforever.com. It’s an interactive experience and a completely new way to watch a music video. It was important to me to avoid gimmicks. I didn't want to create an interactive experience just for the sake of entering the digital space. It was crucial that the site be conceptually unified with the video and the song. Samedaysforever.com is the perfect platform to explore the video deeper, allowing the viewer to jump into any scene in the video, or to strum across an infinite wall of scenes, controlling the camera movement in all scenes simultaneously. What a feat! The site was featured as the FWA "Site of the Day" on June 24th, 2014.